Monday, March 16, 2009


Has it really been a month since I posted? I am terribly sorry - life gets busy with 5 kids and no hubby here...
We are all doing well though - James is working in Portland, OR during the week and comes home on the weekend which makes our time together a lot more enjoyable. It is when you are separated that you look passed all of the silly flaws and really just starve to be together. We have all been there I know!

Work is on hold right now as I am waiting to hear back about my finger prints and background check BUT if I don’t hear anything soon, I am just going to apply other places! I still have not met my aggressive weight loss goal but have made a recommitment to do so! This time, I wrote them down and am keeping an actual journal...

Emily had her first friend sleep over this last weekend and had sooo much fun. The Mom said the girls stayed up until 3 am or at least that is when she gave up trying to make them sleep!! She has developed to be quite the looker and she already is having boy issues... ugg, I don’t want a teenager yet!

Lance is working on his pine wood derby car - he wants to make it look like Grandpas Impala ... Not sure if I am that skilled with the wood saw!! He has also been selected as a roll model student for his grade. This group of children are placed in mentoring rolls to help younger kids with projects and such. He is the computer guru. You should see his skills! Amazing...

Trinity has really excelled in school. She is in a 'hybrid' class with 1st and 2nd graders and she is now working on 2nd grade work; including reading. She loves our weekly trips to the library - right now she is reading sci-fi series made for primary age children and is on the 4th book.

Kael and I do preschool during the week and you would be surprised the things he knows. He is only 3 and can site almost the whole alphabet now, is counting to 21 (doesn’t quite get number continuance yet), he knows most every shape and color AND now he thinks he is a comedian! He cracks jokes all the time & will even try to make some up improv style! He cracks me up...

Alma is still getting hugerer - LOL ... I have never had a 'plump' baby before. He has the cutest cheeks! He is at the tactile stage of infancy - he wants to grab and touch everything. I don’t think he will crawl though, he gets to frustrated and just wants to be in his walker as he knows he can get where he wants to go. He is too cute - he will chase the dog and cat around when they are playing catch with each other.

And I know that the question has come up about more kids for us but I think this will be it ... Though I will tell ya that when I have prayed about it, I am sure I still have a daughter waiting to come down... but if it is meant to happen, it will with or without trying!

Well, I love you all - I will try to post some new pics this week...

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Hello All ~

I have returned to Washington from my trip to Colorado for Opals funeral. It was a very long 2 weeks and I am glad to be home. It was so very nice to see all of my family and friends and look forward to another visit (probably wont be 2 weeks though). I was sad to leave everyone again but I was able to spend some good time together even though we were all sick most of my visit. I was able to have my braces removed while I was there (cost a lot of money to do it!) and have my appointment for my veneers in 2 weeks ~ I cant wait to have this long process done and over with. I will post some before/after pics when it is all done!

I will be starting work next week hopefully as long as my background check comes back in time AND I pass the polygraph testing - LOL! Training will be during the day and then I will work graveyards. We still need to find someone to come and stay w/ us during the days I have to work & when James is not here (which will probably be quite often).

James is coming home this weekend and should be here on Sunday morning! We are all so excited to see him - the kids are planning a surprise welcome home party but little do they know, he is trying get here by late Saturday night so they will not have a chance to jump out at him. We hope to go to the temple at least 3 times before he has to leave again. We have not gone together in over a year!

The kids are back to school and love it ~ they really missed their teachers and friends though they had a tough time saying bye to their cousins again.

I miss all of my peeps in Colorado BUT seeing you all lit a fire! I refuse to make another visit and not have lost all this icky weight I have gained... I love you all!

POST ON MY BLOG AND YOURS! Lets keep in touch~

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What is the definition of irony?


Do not ever under estimate the power of being complacent! We just became comfortable and in quite a quant groove of life and then change happened!! I am now AGAIN alone without my hubby. He has been sent on a job assignment in New Orleans and may be there for 2 months. The hardest most difficult part of this is that I am away from my entire family and all of my friends. I am the only one here with the 5 kids and am not sure how sane I will be in the end. James is in Colorado as we speak on a layover; resting and visiting with the family; and will be in New Orleans by Wednesday.

I am soooo sad! My depression was pretty severe this weekend after his departure and I can’t say that I was honest with my weight loss plan.

I can only pray for a speedy, no incident job for him in hopes for him to return very quickly! I am fasting right now until I am sure he has arrived safely AND then on to my liquid fast for 10 days.

Come home in one piece my love!

OH - AND kudos to my mentor (you know who you are) for already pulling me outta my funk! Thanks and love ya!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What happens after the snow???? Just look!!

Record amounts of rain ADDED to the snow melt~
And tornados? In Washington - WHAT??

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Years Goals~

I have had A LOT of time this last few weeks with not only my kiddos being home from school but with James (home from work 'cuz of weather) to count my so many blessings. AND coming out of this last holiday season, I have come to realize how so very important family and friends are. I reflect now on the time I spent in company of those that are dearest to me save it my own kids and it is extremely difficult to be here so far away from them all. While I have been busy during the last few weeks, the spirit has given me several reminders of what I do have and what I should be thankful for. The gospel, the temple, my health, the scriptures, my children, the preisthood - the list goes on. AS WELL as the areas in my life that I must improve upon each and every day.
This brought me to my New Years Goals - I have committed to myself and the Lord to
A. Make my home a place of peace, love, safely, learning & Christ centered
B. Continue to teach my children the gosple of Christ as instructed by the prophet
C. Do what needs to be done to heal my body and repair the damage I have caused it

SO - I look to those of you that are my support and my life rafts to aid me and to be a constant example of what I can be; of my potential. For if I can be just a fraction of what Christ is, I do have a chance in this world!

Friday, December 26, 2008

My attempt at Holiday Pictures

In the spirit of the Holidays, we were trying to capture fun and love!
Christmas 2008

Emily - Age 11
Lance - age 9
Trinity aka little princess - age 7
Kael - age 3
Alma - age 7 months (almost)